Thought leader, innovator, rebel, misfit…yep, that’s me. I question routines and the status quo in hopes of finding a better way. True, going against the grain is sometimes painful, but the end result can be phenomenal.

I am a lifelong student of Organizational Psychology in hopes of helping people and the organizations they work for thrive.  Plus, I really like it – like being on a gravy train with biscuit wheels!

In the Daniels College of Business, we overhauled the MSM program to transform participants into better students, leaders, and stewards of the world, created an awesome inaugural department board, and strategically guided the launch of the world’s 3rd Executive PhD Program (created the 1st at the Watson Graduate School of Management at OSU, which obtained funding to the tune of 40M).

I still can’t believe I am a fellow in the Society for I/O Psychology – the world’s most prestigious group of business psychologists, a former editor for Journal of Management (#1 in Applied Psychology, #3 in Management) and have sat on the boards of many other prestigious journals (Personnel Psychology). Psychology Today even asked me to write an expert column: ‘At a Higher Level’. 

I actually earned a PhD from Georgia Tech and made it through Wharton’s elite Advanced Management Program. Published over 50 articles, given hundreds of talks, been a featured guest on Sirius/XM Business Radio, cited over 3500 times, won a bunch of awards, and obtained full professor status in less than 10 years.

Well, that was not enough, so I started AOE Science in 2004. AOE grew out of my research and uses science & analytics to help organizations select and develop talent. AOE works with small (RISK66) and large organizations (Niagara Bottling, Wynn Entertainment) using the most scientifically valid assessments. We don’t cut corners or beat around the bush – we follow strict professional guidelines and the scientific method.

In all, I hope to create a work environment that is conducive to all employees leading to high levels of organizational effectiveness and employee well-being.

I love chasing critters in the fall (probably why I am lunching a new outdoor gear and backpack company), coaching my kid’s sports teams, catching redfish, pretending to be a chef, trying to gain a deeper world view, learning as much as possible, and seeing my students, clients, and friends become leaders, innovators, rebels, and misfits too!