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    PERSONAL STORIES I’ll never grow up, but you gotta understand me Dad: Perspective Taking and Family Business Misfit
    August 30 2017    Author : Marcio Salles Melo Lima

    Me and my old man never really saw eye-to-eye, but that never stopped us from growing a very successful family business. We acknowledged our Misfit and succeeded anyway...

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    Tales from a Misfit Don’t stay at a job you hate, but don’t quit your job to follow passion either ... WTH?
    August 21 2017    Author : Craig Wallace, PhD

    I was somewhat shocked when I saw life coach recommendations in an article on LinkedIn. The one that stood out: Don't quit your job to follow your passion...

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    Tales from a Misfit Three Misfits who sacrificed the NFL for their passion
    August 3 2017    Author : Craig Wallace, PhD

    Ever had your dream job … and walked away as you were approaching the pinnacle?

    Does not happen too often. Here are some football studs that did just that ...

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    Tales from a Misfit WORK, SLUSHIES, & TEEN TITANS GO
    July 18 2017    Author : J. Craig Wallace, PhD

    Make time for fun and the one's you love.

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    Evidence-Based Lessons Procedural Justice Rules
    July 13 2017    Author : Craig Wallace

    Procedural Justice is a critical aspect of decision-making, yet most leaders are not aware of this concept, nor the 6 procedural justice rules. Well - here they are ... soak'em up!

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    PERSONAL STORIES MISFITS, kinda explained…
    July 4 2017    Author : J. Craig Wallace, PhD

    OK, so you read the warning and entered this page anyway. Good for you. Now, I am going to devote the infancy of this work to conceptualizing and operationalizing ‘misfit’ … that’s academic jargon for

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    PERSONAL STORIES Lina George – Litigation to HR
    July 4 2017    Author : Lina George

    Here’s my misfit story. Although, I prefer to call it a testimonial to finally finding my passion and how it led to fulfillment. My career can be split down the middle as 50% as litigation lawyer

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    PERSONAL STORIES Hermey the Elf – Toys to Dentistry
    July 4 2017    Author : hermey-the-elf-toys-to-dentistry

    One of my favorite childhood memories revolves around the holiday season and the magical feeling waiting for Christmas morning. Like most kids, I was crazy with anticipation and now I get to

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    PERSONAL STORIES Aaron Hill – Athletics to Academics
    July 4 2017    Author : Aaron Hill

    I thought for sure I’d arrived at my dream job – I am a huge sports fan and all I ever wanted to do was work in that industry. I was a long shot hire but got a job working in the Athletic Department